• Create zip and iso files (more)
  • Upload files to the Internet using FTP
  • Fast file handling using the keyboard
  • Built-in viewers handling many file formats (more)
  • Advanced built-in text editor (screenshot)
  • Create animated gifs (more)
  • Create shortcut menus for your USB flash drives (more)
  • Portable - a single exe file with no particular dependencies
  • Convert mdb files to csv or dbf (more)
  • No installation required (self-extracting zip exe provided for convenience)
  • No uninstallation required (just delete the folder)
  • Free for non-professional home use (more)


wxCommander is a new two-panel file manager. It comes with a few unique features (iso, a great text editor) and is built to last, created with the best software development tools available. It comes in two editions, one for Windows 7/Vista/XP and one for Windows 95/98/ME
Read more about two-panel, or "orthodox", file managers here.


wxCommander will compress (and browse and decompress) these archive formats:

  • zip (compressed archive)
  • zip with password protection (encrypted + compressed archive)
  • zip self-extracting archive (compressed .exe)
  • iso (uncompressed cd-rom mastering/image format with Unicode filenames)
  • iso.zip (single pass iso encoding + zip compression)
  • gz (compressed single file archive)
  • tar (uncompressed file archive)
  • tar.gz (compressed file archive)
  • bz2 (compressed single file archive)
  • tar.bz2 (compressed file archive)
  • tar.bz2 (compressed file archive)
  • rar (compressed file archive - read only)
  • more using packer plugins


Drop the plugins in wxCommander's plugin folder (default is where the .exe resides) and just restart the program - the plugins found here will be loaded automatically.
wxCommander supports these plugin types:

  • wcx packer plugins
    Check out these:
  • wlx viewer plugins
    Check out this one:
  • wdx content (tooltip) plugins
    Check out this one:
    • Anytag audiotags by Florian Heidenreich
  • wxCommander extension dll
    Experimental extension/plugin system, so far it comes with two small
    bonus apps, a simplistic RPN calculator (Ctrl+2) and an simple organizer/address book (Ctrl+3).  Win2000/XP/Vista versionWin9x version.

built-in Viewers

  • comprehensive bitmap viewer, capable of displaying and saving as jpeg, png, tif, bmp, ico, xpm, xbm, pcx. Also able to read and create animated gif files.
  • media viewers (mpeg, mp3, gif) 
  • metafile viewer (wmf/emf)
  • hex viewer
  • text viewer/editor
  • database viewer, capable of displaying mdb, dbf and csv. Also able to convert mdb files to csv or dbf.

Known problems and limitations

  • Alt+F7: not there
  • zip + arj: no diskspanning
  • zip: no pkzip 1.x support, weak support for corrupt ("unstable") files
  • ftp: somewhat slow
  • internal simple editor: some missing features
  • bitmap viewer problems (bmp gif)