Enter In tree: goto list. In list: Run selected file/change to selected directory
Tab Move focus to opposite panel
Shift+Tab Move focus to previous window
Shift+Enter Run/open selected file
Alt+F1: Select drive, left panel
Alt+F2: Select drive, right panel
Ctrl+F1: Show or hide left panel
Ctrl+F2: Show or hide right panel
Ctrl+F3: Sort files by file name
Ctrl+F4: Sort files by file type (file extension)
Ctrl+F5: Sort files by file time
Ctrl+F6: Sort files by file size
Ctrl+F7: No sorting of files
Insert: Toggle selection
Shift+up: Toggle selection
Shift+down: Toggle selection
Ctrl+Q: Quick view
Alt+Enter: File properties
Ctrl+Enter: Copy selected file to command prompt
Alt+F7: Find files or folders
Menu: Context menu
Copy full path to Clipboard
Ctrl+Menu: Explorer context menu
Escape: Move focus to command prompt
F1: Help
F2: User menu
F3: Viewer
Alt+F3: Internal viewer
F4: Text editor
Shift+F4: New text file
Alt+F4: Internal text editor
F5: Copy
Alt+F5: Compress
F6: Move
F7: New folder
F8: Delete
Alt+F8: Prompt history
Ctrl+F8: Recycle bin
F9: Open menu
Alt+F9: Decompress
F10: Exit
F11: Toggle fullscreen mode
Alt+Home: Standard paths list
Ctrl+N: New set of panels
Ctrl+Home: Drive root
Ctrl+\: Drive root
Ctrl+=: Clone panel
Ctrl+A: Select all
Ctrl+E: Rename
Shift+F6: Rename
Ctrl+O: Open command prompt
Ctrl+W: Close panels
Ctrl+X: Windows Explorer
Ctrl+F: FTP
Ctrl+Up: Scroll up one line
Ctrl+Down: Scroll down one line
Ctrl+PageUp: Go to parent folder
Ctrl+PageDown: Open folder (or archive)
Backspace Go to parent folder
Alt+Left: Go to previous folder
Alt+Right: Go to next folder
Ctrl+1: wxCommander (if wxCommander extension dll present)
Ctrl+2: Calculator (if wxCommander extension dll present)
Ctrl+3: Organizer (if wxCommander extension dll present)